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Why you are losing hair after baby and how to stop the loss?

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During pregnancy you stop losing the hair that your body normally sheds on a regular basis. After the birth of your baby your body will start shedding again. As your body resumes it's normal cycle it will lose all of that hair that it should have lost during those 9 months of pregnancy. It will feel like you are losing a lot because you are losing it all at once instead of gradually over time. Don't worry, it is normal and your hair will return to the way it was before you got pregant.


Your hair goes thru a resting phase during pregnancy so you don't lose the normal hair you would every day. Once you have had the baby and your hormones start to balance back out you will start to loose all of that hair that you didn't while you were pregnant. There really isn't anything you can do but wait it out. Don't worry it will stop and your hair will eventually get back to normal.

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Why you are losing hair after baby and how to stop the loss?
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