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Best placement for a baby gate: Top of the stairs or bottom of the stairs?

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If you are placing a baby gate at the top of the stairs, make sure it is hardware mounted. It needs to be secured into the wall. If you have banister rails that make it difficult, there are gates out there with kits to attach to the banister rails. Make sure the gate will swing over the landing and not the stairs.


Well it depends on which level you spend most of your time on . If its the upstairs then I would probably put one at the top of the stairs . If it is down stairs then the bottom . You may also put one on the top and bottom to be safe especially if your bedrooms are upstairs and the rest of the living space is down stairs . When they can get out of their own beds its safer that way at night time .

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Best placement for a baby gate: Top of the stairs or bottom of the stairs?
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