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Percentiles for babies: how do I know if my baby growing normally?

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All babies will have their own growth chart. The most important is that their curve stays consistent. Baby's doctor is pretty much looking for weight/height growth to fall into baby's curve at each appt, it's more about that than the actual percentage. My 10 month old son at his 9 month appt had 41st percentile for height and 8th percentile for weight and was perfectly inline with his overall curve. My daughter was always super skinny with weight and super tall with her height, but it was normal for her.


My oldest two have been in the bottom five percentile since they were born. I had normal pregnancies and they were both term. They are just small. My doctor said as long as they follow a curve and don't drop and keep falling, they're healthy. It's just normal for them.


Each baby is different and grows at different rates. My girl was average when born, though has remained on on the petite side since then. She has always been on the low end for weight (the 5th-15th percentiles), though is always happy, very active and growing just fine according to our doctor. If you have any concerns, discuss with your doctor.


Honestly, I don't pay a bit of attention to the percentiles. As long as they are healthy, active, and eating well-rounded meals, I don't worry about it. Kids grow at different rates, depending on genetics and such. My oldest daughter who comes from two small, short parents (both around 5 ft) is growing different than my son who came from a big father (6'2) and a small mom (5 ft). I think the percentiles and the BMI charts are not good. They have my perfectly healthy 13 niece as being obese, which she isn't, she just started puberty early so is gaining that weight a little faster than her peers.

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Percentiles for babies: how do I know if my baby growing normally?
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