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How to clean used baby toys?

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When my kids were babies, I always went to Once Upon a Child to get their clothes. They outgrew things so quickly that it seemed to make sense to buy and sell their clothes there. The one thing I never bought were baby toys. The thought of used toys grossed me out.

However, with that said, I would clean their toys often with a very diluted bleach water. I knew that was how daycares and preschools disinfected their toys, so I figured it was safe.

If i had babes now, I would have no problem buying used toys, but rather than disinfecting them with bleach water, I would use a Young Living essential oil called Thieves. Simply mix it up in a spray bottle and spray down all the toys. It will effectively disinfect the toys without putting a harmful chemical on your babies toys. And it will make your house smell nice too!!

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How to clean used baby toys?
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