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Ideas for a Christmas themed baby shower?

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Christmas Baby Shower Invitations:

Create a card out of card stock (in your choice of color) to resemble a present. Fold over the sides to create a flap and secure with ribbon to look like a bow on the present.

Welcome To the North Pole!

Decorate your front door as a backdrop. Take pictures of your guests with the mommy to be as they arrive at the North Pole.

Holiday Cookbook

Arrange for guests to bring their favorite Christmas recipe to the baby shower to share with the mommy. Set out a card style album for guests to decorate their recipes for a fun holiday recipe book for the mommy to use. Set out pens, markers, ribbon, stickers, and embellishments for guests to get creative with.

Baby's Firsts

Decorate Christmas items for the baby to enjoy for its first Christmas. You can set out a stocking, Santa hat, onesies or any other baby clothing. Use fabric paints, glitter, gemstone jewelry, ribbon and stencils to help guests create the perfect first Christmas for baby.

Christmas Baby Shower Games

Which Santa Baby Is Who? - Collect baby pictures of the guests coming to the baby shower. Prepare Santa hat cutouts from construction or scrap booking paper and tape to a poster board or the wall. Attach a number to each Santa baby. The guests must guess which baby picture belongs to which guest. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Christmas Baby Shower Decorations:

Use your Christmas decorations as your backdrop to create a festive setting. By using Christmas lights and candles, you can add elegance to the baby shower.

If you have a large picture on the wall, you can wrap it like a gift for a fun table background. Fill glass jars with ornaments for an inexpensive and festive touch. You can also hang ornaments off of your curtain rods.

Another fun decorating idea is to use peppermints and marshmallows as your decorations.

Hang your favors on the Christmas tree to add to the festive feeling.

Put together a hot chocolate bar for your guests to enjoy. Offer lots of fun mix ins and toppings for your guests to make their own custom creations.

Stir stick ideas:

Dip spoons in chocolate (white or milk) and drizzle with complimenting chocolate or sprinkle crushed peppermints on it. Use candy canes in marshmallows with a chocolate coating.

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Ideas for a Christmas themed baby shower?
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