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Presents for baby shower tips

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My go to for baby shower present ideas is the mom's baby registry. Every pregnant woman I know has registered for baby items so it's never been an issue trying to come up with ideas of what to get them.

If there's no baby registry or if you don't feel like buying something from it, my next go to is something handmade. What mom wouldn't cherish a crocheted blanket or a knitted hat? One of my favorite baby items is a little crocheted stuffed elephant my grandma made for Henry. Unfortunately, she never got to meet him but I know she'd be pleased we've held onto Ellie the Elephant as a special remembrance of her.

Don't feel like you have to limit your purchases to small items either. You could chip in with a bunch of other people to buy a larger item the mom needs, such as a stroller or car seat.

If nothing else strikes your fancy, consider buying savings bonds or starting a college fund for the baby. It's never to early to start saving!

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Presents for baby shower tips
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