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How to prevent bedwetting?

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My doctor told me that sometimes children wet the bed when they are constipated... that the bowel pushes on the bladder when they are sleeping and causes the bedwetting..


Being day time trained is quite different from being night trained because at night, they don't have full control over their bladder. Some kids' bodies are not developed enough to produce the hormone that controls how much urine is produced during the night.

What you could also do is wake him up before you go to bed to have him use the bathroom. Another suggestion is to put layers on his bed containing a waterproof sheet and a fitted sheet. A couple layers of this will make night time clean up so much faster and easier.


Bedwetting can be so frustrating. One of the biggest ways I was able to stop or at least make it so there were minimal issues with bedwetting was to:

Not allow drinks before bed, unless just a small sip of water or milk.

require the child to go pee before bed, even if it's just to try to pee.

Use plastic bed protective covering on all mattresses just in case.

When working ot correct the problem, do not focus on putting your child down. This is embarrasing for them too. Ensure the family is on board for not making fun nor teasing the child for bedwetting; this can only make it worse.

Have your child help with cleaning up of their mess and also explain to them the importance of not peeing in their bed (in a calm, matter of fact, nice way). Eventually this shall pass, but if not and you are extremely concerned please reach out to your pediatrician.

I found patience and the above tips worked well for my boys.

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How to prevent bedwetting?
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