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Carrots baby food recipes

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Steam or boil carrots so they are soft. Mash with a fork or use blender to make them pureed. serve or freeze left over portions in ice cube tray for perfect portions, thaw out in fridge one cube at a time. Mix with other veggies or fruit for older babies.


Try making homemade baby food with can veggies, it worked great for my babygirl and she slept better. Just put them in a food processor and blend all the way.My daughter loved carrots with brown sugar and cinnamon


We did cereal with some of ours, then green beans, peas, carrots, alternating with fruit, as you did.


Smashed potatoes and carrots were the first food for my 3 babies


Mashed potato and carrots

Sweet potato and carrots

Swede (rutabaga) and carrots

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Carrots baby food recipes
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