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Baby bath tubs: are they useful?

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Honestly I have found over the years that I just don't like them . They are big and bulky and a pain to store . I didn't even buy one with my last . I have been bathing him in the sink since he was born , I bought a little baby foam bath thing that I put in the sink before him so he could lay and I would have to worry about holding him , they get really slippery !! He is 10 months old now and still sits in the sink , so much easier than dragging out the big bulky tub !


I only used a baby tub with my first two and then used the tub or sink holding baby. It was less nerve wrecking with a baby tub though, but I had to free up space in our little home so I got rid of the tub and got use to holding slippery babies.

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Baby bath tubs: are they useful?
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