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The Moby baby wrap reviews

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I love my Moby! I have two different ones, both homemade. One is stretchy which is the best for young babies. I think I've read under 15 lbs, but not sure. One is woven cotton for use with older babies. I use that one the most. Its comfortable, the babes like it, I like it. It does have a bit of a learning curve, but I have done much practice in our living room to figure it out. :)


I have come to love the Moby so much !! I never had one with any of the other boys I just had the carriers like the Baby Bijorn but those were a pain and always made my back hurt . I decided to try the Moby with Noah and I am so glad I did .When he was really tiny I didn't use it as much it was hard to get him wrapped up in it properly since I had never used it before . Now that he is bigger I love it, I can put it on before we head out somewhere and then its ready to go to put him in . He likes it as long as I am moving so I spend a lot of time rocking back and forth . He is not a cuddly baby which makes me sad so wearing him when I can makes me feel good that we are having that bonding time and I love snuggling with him that way I managed to keep him happy in it twice today :)

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The Moby baby wrap reviews
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