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Moms, describe your ideal island vacation

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I think I'd like to go the Netherland Antilles or Socotra Island, Yemen, which according to DarkRoasted comes from the Sanskrit for “Island of Bliss.”

You can also go check out the ostriches, swim with the dolphins, and explore the Hato Caves!

And... Socotra Island, Yemen!

Since it's such a small place, secluded from the world, the wildlife developed specifically for that region and looks outta this world.


I love the beach. There really is nothing better to me than a beach with water as far as I can see. An ideal island vacation to me would be just that... water, sand, relaxation. I would love to be able to get away from the computer and phone and just relax with my family on the beach.

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Moms, describe your ideal island vacation
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