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Ralph Lauren baby bedding: is it worth the price ?

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Haha oh my gosh no! For me it's a big no, I know tons of things I can buy at that price. My baby doesn't even have a crib anyways so it'd be unnecessary. But to each to their own ;)


Wow! It's actually made? No, I would not pay the price for it--being I don't own any products myself. My son's bedding set was purchased on sale at Walmart. Baby Depot, Target, and Baby's R Us also have less expensive baby bedding but at a cheaper price. Keep in mind, babies make messes and spit up, drool, pee, poo, and everything else on beddings, clothes, couches, etc. Get something less expensive that can afford to be ruined and/or will wash out easily.


It is not worth the price for my family. We do not really care about brand names. I also do not buy a crib set or crib bedding. We just buy a fitted crib sheet. The rest of the crib bedding increases the risk of SIDS and suffocation so we don't use it.


For me no it is not, its a lot of money to spend on bedding especially if it is for kids or a baby. Personally I think you are just paying for the name. You have to wash their things a lot more often with a baby and kids can be hard on things, even bedding. There are many places to find great bedding for the whole family that is much less expensive but still stylish.

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Ralph Lauren baby bedding: is it worth the price ?
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