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Baby boy holiday outfits: where to buy?

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You can always find them in Walmart or Target. My suggestion would be to get it as soon as you see it because once it nears a week or two before the holiday, most of the stuff is wiped out and it won't be restocked. We ran into this problem with his Thanksgiving outfit, unfortunately. I learned my lesson--get it as soon as you can and do not hesitate.

Carters brands always make the holiday outfits. Child of Mine by Carters and Just for You by Carters are the ones we usually choose and they are inexpensive.

I know my sister-in-law got my step-daughter a Christmas dress at a consignment store. They have things there, too, at times.


They have so many cute things for babies during the holidays. Carters has super cute stuff and you can find them in most stores. Just about any store that sells baby clothes will have cute holiday clothing, even consignment shops will have cute things.

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Baby boy holiday outfits: where to buy?
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