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Breast feeding help: sore nipples

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I remember the health nurse telling me a warm cloth would help. Are you using nipple cream I think the first two weeks I was caking it on none stop and try to let them air out and wipe them after each feed with a warm cloth and the put cream on. Maybe try a nipple shield I have heard of that helping with sore nipples. The first few weeks were a bit crazy but once you get past it things level out and aren't so bad we made it to 21 months. Let me know of any of those help you. Or if anything else does I'm due in September and hoping to be prepared with ideas incase I have the pain again.


Try consulting a lactation specialist, breast feeding helps your baby get the right amount of nutrients and antibodies to help fight germs. Nurse with a proper latch, your baby will show signs of when she's done. I breast feed about 8 times in a 24 hour period.


I nipple shield can do wonders if yo have raw sore nipples or if baby is having trouble latching .

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Breast feeding help: sore nipples
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