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Single moms, how is your relationship with the dad?

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Isaac and I have no type of relationship whatsoever. He chose to make his mistakes and now he must face his consequences. Once we leave this house Isaac and his family will no longer see Jay or I. I will be both mommy and daddy to her and show her she needs no man to make it in life. I am not putting my needs first but Jay's in the long run I don't want her to realize the mistakes her father and grandma had chose to make.


So yesterday I was asked by my ex fiance to give the baby to his brother so that we might be ok.

I AM THE MOM and i am Honored to be the dad I know i will be there for my baby

I am so happy and relieved right now because for once i fully established in my heart I don't need a man who is only going to make his family an option :) <3

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Single moms, how is your relationship with the dad?
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