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Breastfeeding public: do you use a cover up?

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I breastfed my 3 girls and now my son and I was and still am nervous to breastfeed in public. I hate being stared at but I'm not going to not feed my kid. I have a nursing cover that my friend made me that I use and it makes me feel more comfortable.


I never breastfed in public. I feel that breastfeeding is a private thing, though, and if it must be done, you should be as private as possible. Even if you're in a crowd, as long as you cover yourself, I feel that's enough.




If we are out in public I either have to use a cover up, go out to the car, OR take the little one and sit on a public toilet and nurse him/her.


my husband was little uncomfortable with me nursing my son in the public. I pointed out to my husband that I use something to cover when I nursed my son. When my husband saw what I did and he felt much better. I had to show him and he will accept the fact that I am nursing our son. However, my son started to bite my nipple and it was painful. I stopped breastfeeding him, but I had to pump before I can give him the bottle.

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Breastfeeding public: do you use a cover up?
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