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Breast feeding in public: do you feel comfortable?

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I will feed my babe in public, but I cover up. It took until my third child to feel comfortable doing that much.


I breastfeed where ever and when ever my daughter is hungry. It's natural, quick and easy for a fussy hungry baby. Now that my daughter is older she doesn't need it as often but I still breastfeed when neccesary without covering her up, I stopped doing that at 5 months.


Seeing a woman nurse in public never bothered me and now that I'm a nursing mom it especially doesn't bother me. I don't understand why so many people make a big deal about it. My daughter does not like to eat while she's covered unless she's going to fall asleep. She refuses to eat. So yes I will nurse her in public without a cover. I never thought I would get so many dirty looks and some from women with children.


I breast feed in public but I cover up with a blanket.


So, my oppinion is that I am totally fine w/breast feeding in public, I didn't do it much but lets face it I don't get out much either :) However, now in MY oppinion, I did get offended with a women breast feeding in public a year ago. My husband and I brought our 4 children to a nice resteraunt for dinner. Right across from us was a women who whipped out BOTH breast and took her time, while exposed, to get her baby in the right position to nurse. While BF, she left BOTH breasts out...That said, I have BF all four over two years, I am not against BF in public, but with respect...It's such a fine line as to not offend people (which I am not trying to do) and I am a modist person to begin with...But I got to say, I felt uncomfortable sitting next to a woman with EXTREMELY large breasts exposed while I tried to eat my salmon dish

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Breast feeding in public: do you feel comfortable?
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