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Is breastfeeding possible after having a breast reduction?

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I had a breast reduction about 3 years before I got pregnant so we had know way to know what I would have for milk. After Aly was born she was a natural, had a perfect latch & apparently I was a natural at it too because the nurses kept commenting on how they couldn't believe this my first time breastfeeding. But because of my surgery it was excruciating!! My nipples had been hyper-sensitive because of the nerve damage & when she latched on it was unbelievably painful! The left wasn't as bad so I kept trying but it became more & more obvious that my daughter wasn't getting enough. The hospital I was at was very anti-bottle but I insisted that they bring me a bottle because she was hungry & simply not getting enough from me. They did & she was much happier. I asked if I could try pumping some milk to see what I could get to give her. Once I started pumping I was only able able to get about 1 oz total each time I pumped. I still continued to pump at home for about a week & add it to her bottle just to try & get some of the nutrients & immune benefits.

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Is breastfeeding possible after having a breast reduction?
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