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I hate breastfeeding: why do I hate it so much?

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EI think most breastfeeding mothers get exhausted with it or hate it at some point. I had problems at the beginning with my first. I hated the first three months. I dreaded it every single time. It is hard when they are older and so attached to the boob. I would suggest a routine and to be firm about it. You probably won't get much sleep and neither will she, but after a couple weeks she will be alright without you and you can sleep however you want. There are books out there and lots of moms with advice on the subject. It is hard, but stick with whatever routine you decide. I would nurse my son while rocking then try pulling him off, then if he rooted back to the nipple, I would let him nurse for a little while more and then try to pull him off again, this continued until he didn't try to re-attach himself. I would put him in bed and if he woke, I would leave him in there crying for a few minutes and then go in, pick him up, rock him, sing to him and if he persisted back on the boob...and then start the pull off method. After he was in his bed, I would let him cry for a little while and if he didn't stop, I would go in but not pick him up, just stay by his crib and pat his back and sing. Sometimes, he would keep crying and I would leave for a few minutes and come back and try to calm him down. The time between when I tried to calm him down and came back was lengthened by a few minutes each time. It was hard, but eventually he just learned to do it himself. I liked the book "the no-cry sleep solution" by Elizabeth Pantley. I didn't agree with everything, but some of it worked for us.


I want to wean my 13 month old daughter from breastfeeding.. I am at my wits end! If she isn't nursing she is crying.. It's so frustrating. She won't go to sleep unless she is nursing and won't stay asleep unless she is nursing. If I lay her down she wakes up instantly. It's making me HATE breastfeeding. I feel like it isn't emotionally healthy for either of us to be getting so frustrated and no sleep. I cannot sleep many more nights on my sides so she can nurse all night :/ I just want my boobs back and I feel awful for feeling this way but I can't help it!!


Don't feel bad! We're lucky to live in a day where we even have choices! I hated breastfeeding at first. Seriously, It sucked and I felt like a bad mom because I didn't like it. Every night I would pump a bottle that my husband could give Avery and it was my favorite part of the day! I only had to pump for like 15min rather then nursing for 45. That break helped me to keep my sanity until she started nursing less frequently. Formula wasn't an option for us because we really couldn't afford it.

No matter what you decide don't feel bad. Nursing is hard and as moms we have to pick our battles

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I hate breastfeeding: why do I hate it so much?
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