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How can I combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding?

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You can combine the both. But I guess at the end it depends a lot on your baby and your lifestyle. There are so many reasons moms choose to introduce bottle, working , baby not latching properly, low milk supply, the list goes on. Do what ever fits your situation the best. If you are a stay at mom like me, then you might want to give bottle for midnight feedings when both you and your baby are to tired and sleepy, also some one else can do the feeding while you take the well deserved rest.
I chose to introduce bottle with expresses milk, as my daughter would not latch on on side and would scream even if I try to, and my milk supply was becoming difficult to deal with, also due to poor latch, she started loosing weight. I tried to combine but she preferred to stick to boobs in a bottle :)


Breastfeeding and bottle feeding can be combined in any combination possible. Just do what it best for your baby and your family. Breastfeeding is not an all or nothing thing. Some women will chose bottle feeding with formula when they are at work or away from their baby and then breastfeed their baby when they are home. There is no right or wrong answer and you can combine it however you want to.

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How can I combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding?
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