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Breastfeeding supplies checklist: what do I need?

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Nursing pads are a must!! I used the disposable ones and they worked for me. I got a big box of them at Target for like $6 I think... Nursing bras, Nursing tank tops and shirts so you have "easy access" I would also so a nursing cover that goes around your neck so you dont have to worry about it. It will help you feel more confident and help those around you feel more comfortable. Boppy pillow helps, burp rags.

A MUST that Lanolin nipple cream! Its amazing. Its in a purple tube.

Do not stress out that does not help you and your lil one can sense that you are stressed. IF ITS NOT FOR YOU THAT IS 100% OKAY!! I did it for 2 weeks and was done. Take deep breaths, relax, make sure you are sitted comfortably have something to drink close by and maybe in front of the tv so you have something to do cause it could take a while for lil one to eat.


Purchase a couple of nursing tanks and nursing sleep bras before baby arrives. By around 6-8 weeks, your supply should be more consistent and then you can go purchase nursing bras.

A nursing pillow

Button down shirts

Water bottle and snacks close by for your during those first weeks!

burp cloths or small blanket when you leak and/or for baby to hold


Nursing bras at least 3
lanolin cream
2 nursing tank tops
box of nursing pads
A manual or electric pump and bags to save the milk in.


a pump is good , lanolin and breast pads

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Breastfeeding supplies checklist: what do I need?
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