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Breastfeeding consultant/classes: worth it or waste of time?

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I strongly suggest seeing a lactation consultant for help. Look into Breastfeeding USA or La Leche League, both offer free support.


I never did take a specialty breastfeeding class but I know they offer them and they can be really good for the expectant momma that is planning on nursing . They give you some help when you take a childbirth class but a class for breastfeeding will help a lot more and give you much more information to help you . Looking back now I really wish I had , I didn't find out until my last that I had flat nipples and the lactation consultant that I saw after birth gave me a breast shield and it helped a lot


i took a breastfeeding class and thought it was well worth the time and money. I did my own research also so that helped. The nurses at the hospital were helpful and I made sure to ask lots of questions of the lactation consultant. One of my coworkers did not take a class and has told me she wish she had. She had many complications and the nurses did not help her so she was not able to continue breastfeeding and dealt with a lot of issues.

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Breastfeeding consultant/classes: worth it or waste of time?
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