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Bottle feeding or breast milk: how did you feed your baby?

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i wasn't able to produce enough breast milk for sigmund and he kept on crying for the whole time so we decided to give him some formula then we noticed he stopped crying so we guessed he's more satisfied with the formula til he get used to it..i breastfed just 1 month.


I bottle fed with formula my oldest. And breast fed my younger three, still breastfeeding the baby.


I breastfed for 2months then had a emergency surgery and had to stop. and ended up drying up. Now he is on soy formula, but healthy as ever


Breastfed my baby and I am still breast feeding my daughter.


I breastfed all of my babies, but also supplemented with formula when needed. My 1st baby born 1 mth early due to very high blood presure, was breastfed for 3 mths and a little formula. After she got used to the bottle she stopped feeding from the breast. Sad so then my milk dried up and she was on only formula.


I started just breastfeeding. My baby had a hard time gaining weight so we started supplementing bottles of expressed milk. she hit her goal weight last week! discussed going to daycare and not having enough extra supply my LC suggested formula supplementing. i work part-time and take her with me, So does bottle (1/2 formula 1/2 breast milk) then we exclusively breast feed when we get home and on the weekend!


I turned a hard experience into a positive one. I had a hard time breast feeding and producing enough milk. I tried many things, asked professionals, other mothers and looking up the subject online. I was forced to bottle feed at first with breast milk and some 22 calorie formula to help my baby with weight gain after he was born 6 weeks early. I tried a Lactation consultants (who are suppose to be health professionals with special training and experience in helping breastfeeding mothers and babies). She keep standing me up and the hospital only helps while still in the hospital with a full term baby. So I just kept at it and finally it just came together .... finally. It was worth it and I do not think it matter how you feed your child as long as it's clean, healthy and with love. My nipple often sore and he did bite. I can see why someone would use formula.

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Bottle feeding or breast milk: how did you feed your baby?
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