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Why do I need an ultrasound at 36 week?

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My dr did it at 37 weeks but it's generally done to check the size of the baby and the level of amniotic fluids. When I had mine done they thought he was measuring smaller than he should have been, I was sent for a doppler ultrasound the following week where it was found my amniotic fluid was lower than normal. I had a follow up appt with my obgyn a few days after that and measured even lower, ended up being sent right from the office to the hospital to be induced because it was so low.


I got an extra ultrasound with my daughter because she measured really big and they were considering inducing early v. waiting and having a C-Section due to size (No GD). But it turned out she was just hoarding amniotic fluid, she was on the big side of normal, but not too big to let her stay in there til 41 weeks. I think they did the sizing ultrasound around 36 weeks.

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Why do I need an ultrasound at 36 week?
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