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4 years old soccer drills: how to make them easy and fun

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The main point of soccer drills for 4 year old kids is to make it fun for them. You're introducing the basic concepts of soccer as well as teaching them how to work together as a team and listen to a coach's instructions. Practices should be no more than 30 minutes once a week. Expect them to have very short attention spans.

Have them race from one end of the field to the other. Make sure you tell the players how fast they are and see if they can run faster and race again.

Show them how to kick the ball and what part of the foot to use (laces, not toes). Player will kick the ball (as shown by the coach) and try and knock the ball off of the cone (Sink the BattleShip). “Ready, Aim, FIRE”
They get a point each time they knock the ball off.

Incorporate red light, green light into lessons on dribbling and stopping. Players will dribble from one end of the field to the other when the Coach says “Green Light” and STOP their ball when the Coach says “Red Light”. Go slow the first time and challenge them to go faster each time.

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4 years old soccer drills: how to make them easy and fun
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