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How to effectivly discipline my 2 year old ?

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I do try my best to discipline and set boundaries, but seems to me they hardly work for her. Time out works best when we have other kids around, but when its just mommy and baby.. yea it could get stressful... I am also trying sooooooo hard to stop breastfeeding. She's 2 years old, and really needs to stop.. She hardly can put herself to sleep on her own, only if mommy isn't home she is able to nap on her own.. but when mommy is home its a fight and battle to get her to nap.. most of the time she wants to feed and when I do sit down its a hassle to get back up because she will jump at me and want some milk.


We both believe in a 3 warnings then punishment, usually the punishment is a 10 minute time out, then once that's over we give him a hug and explain why he got put in time out.

He usually knows when we say that's two or three he knows he's in trouble and usually stops.

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How to effectivly discipline my 2 year old ?
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