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10 tips to coaching a 4 year old soccer

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The following are 10 tips to coaching a 4 year old soccer.

1. Keep your expectations realistic because 4 year olds are not going to be soccer experts.

2. Make sure they're having fun.

3. Limit practices to once a week for 30 minutes.

4. Get them thinking and involved in what you're talking about by asking them questions like if they've ever played soccer or how do they play it.

5. They'll have short attention spans so have backup plans in case this happens.

6. Fine tune their motor/coordination/listening skills by engaging them in activities like Duck, Duck, Goose as a warm up.

7. Reassure them when they have trouble by saying you know how hard it is and praise their efforts.

8. Lots of repetition helps them remember.

9. Use their competitiveness to your advantage by seeing who can kick the ball the farthest.

10. Encourage working together as a team.

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10 tips to coaching a 4 year old soccer
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