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Football drills for 7 year olds: what to do when you disagree with the coach

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We are going through this right now. My husband has played football all through grade school and highschool...he also plays for fun. He knows a ton about football. Our town had one of the best teams in our state. anyways..our coaches here have never played football or even coached! We start Sept 18 and have had 1 practice. My husband gets out there trying to show these kids what to do and they have no idea and neither do the coaches...soo what he has been doing at home is having my boys put their gear on and first go at each other. Get them not to be afraid of tackliing/hitting. If it is just your child then get him to come at someone (in gear) or something hard without being afraid. The sound of CRASH on a helmet can be scary..so you have to make them aware that they are ok. The helmet will not break. Exersises..my husband does the jumping jacks, runing aruond a football feild 2 times for little ones, push ups, sit ups and squats. He has the catch the ballf rom far then run and tackle. check out youtube for more at home lessons!

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Football drills for 7 year olds: what to do when you disagree with the coach
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