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3 year old milestones

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At 3 years old, you will be amazed at all of your child's developmental milestones! There's so much going on physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially.

This is the age that many children tend to potty train because they're beginning to control their bladder and bowel functions. They're starting to gain independence so they'll self feed, dress themselves, play with other children, and experience less separation anxiety. Language wise, they'll know hundreds of words, use 3 word sentences and ask lots of questions. They can ride a tricycle, construct a block tower, and place small objects in small openings.

With independence comes tantrums because they want things their way! Don't be alarmed at the ferocity or number of them. Three year old children aren't known for being rational, compliant beings.

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3 year old milestones
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