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Safe natural cough remedies for 2 year old

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There are safe and natural cough remedies you can use for your 2 year old without having to resort to medicine. These should help the symptoms so your child can get some better quality rest, which we all know is the best thing to help us feel better.

Run the shower as hot as possible and sit with your child in the bathroom. The steamy air should help open up their nasal passages.

Using a bulb syringe helps remove mucus from your child's nose. Giving them a saline nasal spray after keeps the nasal passages moisturized.

Extra fluids such as water and especially warm chicken broth can help relieve congestion.

Elevating their head by giving them an extra pillow can help them breathe more comfortably.

If your child is able to blow their nose, that can help a great deal. If they don't, have them pretend they're blowing out birthday candles with their mouth closed.

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Safe natural cough remedies for 2 year old
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