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What to do about 4 year old with night terrors?

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Henry experienced a phase of night terrors. I learned that night terrors usually happen about 1-2 hours after the child goes to sleep and it may be triggered by the child being overtired. During this phase, we started waking Henry before we'd go to bed by having him get up to use the bathroom. Then he was able to go back to sleep and be able to sleep the rest of the night uneventfully. Somehow this helped reduce or eliminate night terrors for him.

When he did have a night terror, I read that you shouldn't try to startle them awake even though it goes against our instincts because it may lead to frantic behavior and they're not really conscious enough of your presence anyway. Instead, you should keep the lights dim and talk to your child in a soft, reassuring voice. They should start calming down in about 10 minutes or so.

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What to do about 4 year old with night terrors?
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