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4 year old sleepwalking: is it dangerous?

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Sleepwalking is common in kids. It's usually done occasionally and outgrown by the teen years. Sleepwalking tends to occur an hour or two after the child has gone to sleep and they may walk around anywhere from a few seconds up to half an hour.

Sleepwalking itself is harmless. It's when the sleepwalking child goes down the stairs, or opens windows or outside doors. When you see your child sleepwalking, gently guide them back to bed. Don't try to wake them because it could scare them.

Lock all windows and doors. Remove anything sharp or breakable from their path. Don't have them sleep in a bunk bed. Keep dangerous objects out of reach. Install safety gates at your child's bedroom door or at the top of the stairs.

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4 year old sleepwalking: is it dangerous?
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