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Coping with a delivery at 32 weeks pregnant

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Having a pre-term labor and a pre-term delivery can be a very emotional time. There will be joy and excitement from having a new baby and there might be fear and guilt from having the baby too soon. The baby will probably be facing some medical issues and you will most likely have to leave the baby in the NICU for awhile. I recommend finding support from other parents who have been in your situation. Many NICU's will even help connect you to other parents who currently have babies in the NICU. Ask plenty of questions to the medical staff, and ask some more. Help with your baby's daily care, change diapers, bathe your baby, help with checking vitals. Allow yourself time to grieve and time to cry and allow yourself to be happy. Do something special for yourself too, get a massage or a pedicure. Keep an open lne of communication with your spouse.

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Coping with a delivery at 32 weeks pregnant
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