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Tips for toilet training 3 year old boy

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When we potty trained Henry, we waited until we knew for sure he was interested and ready to start. We also waited for a long weekend we'd be home with no plans.

I bought Henry some big boy underwear with Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder on them. He'd watched Elmo's Potty Time DVD and he wanted to be like the other boys in his class.

On the first day, we used a timer set for 20-30 minutes so we could remind him to try and use the potty. After the first day, he was going on his own.

We told him Thomas and Bob didn't like getting wet or dirty. We threw some Cheerios into the toilet water for target practice and I also added some blue food coloring so it would turn green when he peed.

There were lots of high 5s, hugs and kisses for his efforts and successes so we didn't have to use candy or toy rewards.

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Tips for toilet training 3 year old boy
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