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Therapy options for stuttering 3 year old

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It's not uncommon for kids between the ages of 2-5 to stutter, repeat certain words, syllables or phrases, prolonging or stopping them, or making no sounds at all for certain words or syllables. Stuttering often goes away by age 5 and in some cases, it stays longer. There's no cure for stuttering but there are treatment options.

If you notice your child doing this, speak with their pediatrician who may recommend a speech-language therapist. There are ways you can help your child at home with their stuttering.

Don't require them to speak precisely.

Avoid correcting or criticizing.

Don't interrupt or tell your child to think before speaking.

Speak slowly and clearly to them.

Maintain eye contact.

Let your child speak for himself or herself.

Avoid having your child speak or read aloud when they're uncomfortable.

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Therapy options for stuttering 3 year old
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