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Rice cereal at 3 months before bed: good or bad idea?

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Depends on the situation. I have a friend who has a daughter with epilepsy. The medication made her daughter scream all night long. As soon as my friend added cereal and applesauce to her daughter's diet the screaming stopped. We both firmly believe the medication was too harsh for her sensitive digestive system.

I started cereal and apple sauce with my first daughter at 4 months because I was nursing around the clock for more than 5 days with no change. Normally after 3 days my body catches up with milk production to satisfy baby but this time it didn't. My daughter was just hungry. My second daughter also got cereal and apple sauce early. I want to say 3 months because nursing wasn't going well. She is lactose intolerant and still is so she had issues with breast milk. With baby #3 I honestly don't remember when I started solids with him. All I can say is it was earlier than the recommendation.


He said to try rice cereal for 4 days then if he does ok with it then to start stage 1 baby foods

I have been doing research and a lot of moms suggest waiting till 6months and so does the parenting books. I did the organic whole grain rice cereal and he did great, I actually got more than 3hours of sleep, i got 5hours of sleep!

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Rice cereal at 3 months before bed: good or bad idea?
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