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Is day 4 the best day for embryo transfer?

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In the early days of IVF, embryo transfer took place soon after fertilization. The procedure was often performed a day or two after the egg retrieval. In those days, IVF laboratory conditions were different than they are now.Some patients may only have one or two embryos that develop normally after retrieval. For these patients, there may not be an advantage of continuing on to the blastocyst stage. In these cases, clinics can transfer the embryo(s) to the uterus on day 2 or 3. Day 5 transfers may be ideal since in natural conception cycles, embryos typically implant on days 5 or 6 after ovulation. According to this theory, day 5 or 6 blastocyst embryo transfers may be preferable due to the ideal uterine environment conditions at this stage.

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Is day 4 the best day for embryo transfer?
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