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A 7 week old baby sleeps in her own room: is it a good idea?

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We moved Kailtyn into her own home when she was a month old. There were no issues with her sleeping in our room, though she has been independent from the beginning so thought I would try it. I started with putting her back to sleep in her own room after she nursed around 5/6/7 am. She slept for 4-5 hours just fine for a few days. So, that weekend, we put her down to sleep in her crib in her own room at night and she did just fine. She also started sleeping through the night that week! You need to do with what you are comfortable with! Even though her room is right next to ours, we still have monitors and had it turned all the way up so we could hear her breathe!

I know a friend of mine had the motion detector thing in the crib and that worked well for them. (I don't remember exactly what it is called.) That might be another option so you are not constanlty checking or worrying about him.

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A 7 week old baby sleeps in her own room: is it a good idea?
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