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How to recognize Aspergers symptoms in 4 year old

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It's not always easy to tell the signs of Asperger's in 4 year old children because they can be mistaken for other diagnoses such as OCD, ADHD and speech delays. Not every child with Asperger's will have the same issues so the following descriptions are not a one size fits all category:

- difficulty engaging in pretend play

- one sided conversations about topics that interest them

- difficulty with small talk

- meltdowns when losing a game or if routine is changed

- inability to make eye contact so often appear distracted

- impervious to social cues

- hyper sensitivity to loud noises, sounds, crowds, clothing, textures or foods or they may be opposite and seek out loud noises, crowds and bright lights

Talk to your child's pediatrician about any concerns you have. If they think Asperger's could be a possible cause, they'll refer you to a pyschologist for further testing.

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How to recognize Aspergers symptoms in 4 year old
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