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Fun outdoor games for 6 year olds

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It is called i9 sports. Every kid gets a metal at some point. Not at the same time. They find different reasons for them and explain why they got a metal. So everyone feel special. But everyone gets a turn to get one. Nol was kinda bummed out bc he has not received one yet but he will get one eventually lol. I explained to him how it works. But this way it keeps it fun and encouraging for the kids. No one feels left out or bad about their ability to play. They practice first and then they have a game. The ages start from 5 to 6 years old. They also have soccer, flag football, baseball, and golf available. Something positive for him to do to pass the time in the winter! lol Plus some kids from his school play with him so he knows some of the kids.

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Fun outdoor games for 6 year olds
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