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Essential steps to stop 6 year old bed wetting

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Walgreens (and probably other pharmacies) carries Underpads. They come in three sizes and are just like a diaper that you can lay on a surface (bed, wheelchair, etc.) I didn't potty train my oldest (son) until he was almost three. I think that was a big mistake. I think the younger you potty train, the more successful it'll be. I put an underpad between him and his mattress when he first started using the potty. He did wet the pad, but he eventually learned to sleep through the night without wetting.


I would recommend pull ups...they worked for my daughter when she was that age and she still wears them occasionally.


I have cut his drinks off right after dinner which is around 5 or 6 and he still has wet the bed and we give him water or juice with meals and I watch to make sure he is not being sneaky getting something to drink


I have a 6 year old son that still wets the bed at night. I have tried everything. Even getting tests done to see if there were bladder problems. He sometimes has accidents during the day because he does not want to stop playing. All through the day I am constantly having him use the bathroom. which helps with the day time, night time I have done the get up at all hours to get him to the potty but that still has not helped. I am still trying, I have heard so many stories that boys are harder than girls. Well I have a 12 year old girl that was potty trained by age 1. So I thought I was doing something wrong with my son. I am at a loss with the bedtime wetting.

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Essential steps to stop 6 year old bed wetting
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