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Toys for 11 year old boys who like animals

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There are so many neat things you could get for a child who likes animals. If they like collecting things you could get them figurines of their favorite animals. I would look for books about a specific animal if they have one they love, or just a general book about animals if they like many different ones. You could always get them stuffed animals, an 11 year old might be a bit old for those though. Another cute idea is to get them DVD's about animals, like March of the Penguins or Jack Hannah's Animal Adventures.


We just got ours animals! But I know that is not possible for everyone so...what about:

Animal figurines
Anatomical models of animals - we bought our girls one of a horse and cow
Animal books
Stuffed animals, if they are still into them

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Toys for 11 year old boys who like animals
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