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Fun 3 day winter getaways: where would you go?

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I love Tennesse in the winter. Gatlinburg is a blast! You can rent a cabin with a hot tub and watch the wildlife go by. If you already live in the moutains, and dont want to be cold, I would head somewhere warm . A tropical island!


It would depend on our budget and time frame where I'd want to go on a fun 3 day winter getaway.

Going to the mountains somewhere would be at the top of the list. It's been years since I've done any skiing. Tobogganing and sledding are also very fun to do. I'll pass on ice skating though since I don't think I'd even stay upright!

I wouldn't mind going to a beach somewhere. It doesn't have to be a tropical beach or even in the south. Visiting a beach in a shore town during the winter month means the beach will be desolate. There's something so relaxing and mesmerizing about sitting and watching the ocean waves.

Another option would be a city with friends and lots of attractions. I like visiting museums and other cultural points of interest, as well as having time to reconnect with friends I don't get to see often.

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Fun 3 day winter getaways: where would you go?
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