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Top toys for 4 year olds

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You'll want to find toys that challenge your 4 year old's mind yet not be too difficult so they get frustrated. Choose toys that are simple in concept, easy to play, and interesting enough to keep them engaged.

Building toys are great for boys and girls alike. Whether it's Duplo, Lego, cardboard bricks, K'Nex, or gears, this open ended toy leaves plenty of room for imagination.

Puzzles are another way to intrigue young minds. I've always been a fan of Melissa&Doug products because they're good quality and hold up well. There are puzzles with all different themes and ways to play them, ranging from chunky block puzzles to floor puzzles to magnetic puzzles.

I remember how much fun Henry had with his music set at that age. It came with a dozen different instruments including a harmonica, castanets, and maracas. The headache I got was worth it when I saw how much he enjoyed playing with them.

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Top toys for 4 year olds
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