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Upset 5 year old bed wetting: is it normal

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We just went to the doctor for this the other day. My son is 8 and sometimes wets the bed. When he was 5 he had this problem, we went to the doctor and he said yes it is normal in some children. He may be sleeping way to hard or he may have had to much food or drink before bedtime. Now that we have moved and changed doctors I got another opinion. She said that some boys have a "fat pocket" right above their private area. It makes the penis area smaller and holds in the urine all at once and then at night releases because he is relaxed. She said if he continues to wet the bed there are different things he can do. There is an alarm that hooks onto their underware (WAY TOO EXPENSIVE) that will wake them up to go to the bathroom. Cut down on their food/snacks at night. Have them get a night time snack an hour before bed. If your child is stressed that can cause bedwetting also. See how his/her daly routines are going and that may help. But 5-6 is normal.

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Upset 5 year old bed wetting: is it normal
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