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What are some interesting books for 3 year old girls?

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Not having a daughter, I don't have any firsthand experience what books 3 year old girls like but I'm guessing they're into pink, fairies, princesses and anything sparkly.

Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann is about a little girl who loves all things pink. She loves it so much, she even eats too many pink cupcakes. Read what happens after she does!
Maisy Goes to Preschool by Lucy Cousins depicts Maisy the mouse’s first day of preschool and all it entails. You’ll love this gentle series in book and TV form.
Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman is a treasure of a book. This story shows the transition from baby girl into a young woman and all of her delightful adventures.

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What are some interesting books for 3 year old girls?
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