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4 years old development: milestones

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Your 4 year old child is still rapidly developing socially, physically, emotionally and verbally. They'll want to be self-reliant more than ever and develop greater self-control and ingenuity. Pretend play will become more complex, imaginative, and longer lasting.

Language skills will flourish. You'll notice them speaking in complex and compound sentences, follow multi step directions, understand explanations, and initiate conversations.

They'll be curious about written words and want to know what they say. They'll start matching letters with sounds and start writing as well.

Math concepts will become easier because they'll use logical reasoning to count to 10, recognize numbers, and know a few simple shapes, days of the week, months, and the seasons.

Eye hand coordination will become better and they'll have better finger dexterity to hold writing implements. There will be long periods of play with running, catching, jumping, hopping, skipping, and bouncing balls.

Their curiosity will lead to lots of exploring, experimenting, comparisons, observing, and identifying. They're better able to manage intense emotions and realize what causes feelings, show sympathy and suggest ways to resolve conflicts.

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4 years old development: milestones
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