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Feeding a 1 year old baby: meal ideas

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My son loves Chicken Noodle soup with veggies in it I just strain out all the broth and he eats everything else. Mac and Cheese, Spaghetti but made with small elbow or small shell noodles. Grilled chicken breasts, soft mix veggies, meat balls cut up of course. string cheese cut up. Most any fruits that are soft, a jelly and butter sandwich crust cut off and I squish it to keep it together.


Malachi is almost thirteen months and I do baby cereal, table foods, pouches, and jarred still. He likes all of it. His fave right now is kiwi!


My little man just turned one and he is still on a mix of baby foods and table foods. He is still a bit picky when it comes to table foods so I want to make sure he gets the nutrition he needs so we still use some baby foods. I usually will offer him some of what we are having and then some baby food veggies. For breakfast usually yogurt or oatmeal and some fruit after his morning bottle

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Feeding a 1 year old baby: meal ideas
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