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Do you prefer homemade or store bought birthday cakes for 3 year olds?

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I'm not good at making cakes at all (personally I think they come out looking crappy) but my kids insist that mommy makes their cakes. So it makes me feel good that they want me to make a cake for them :)


It would depend on the type of party and budget whether I would prefer a homemade or store bought birthday cake for a 3 year old. If my son was obsessed with a certain character or show, I'd consider a store bought cake. Plus, there would be the convenience factor.

Otherwise, I would stick with a homemade birthday cake. There are tons of homemade birthday cake ideas on Pinterest so anyone who's good with baking and crafts can easily make one.

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Do you prefer homemade or store bought birthday cakes for 3 year olds?
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