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How to homeschool my 4 year old tips

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Keep it short and simple, as they have short attention spans.

My four year old LOVES doing his workbooks and while workbooks can be redundant he likes being like the big kids and joining them at the kitchen table, as have all our younger children.

Have lots of glue and a pair of scissors. Our son loves to cut and glue and we put that love to good use.

Find what your child loves and incorporate that into his or her curriculum and method of teaching/learning.

Focus on the three R's to start (reading, writing and arithmetic). Reading for a four year old may be the alphabet or it may be the sounds of the alphabet or starting a reading program. Writing is simply practicing a few lines of printing neatly. Arithmetic may be learning numbers 1-20 or it may be starting to add single digits. It all depends on where your child is at in his or her learning and development.

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How to homeschool my 4 year old tips
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